California Calls, Wheelchair Van Company Delivers

AMS Vans, Inc. surpasses California's strict emissions regulations as the wheelchair van company plans to begin integrating natural gas alternatives for all of its handicap conversion vehicles.

Norcross, GA
November 25, 2008

California often brings to mind images of glamorous movie stars, golden beaches, and luxurious living--not many of us envision the grey smog cloud that looms over Los Angeles when we think of the Golden State.

Recent studies performed by the American Lung Association showed 5 of the 10 cities most polluted by long-term particle pollution are in California.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) often sets the standards for emissions laws in the United States--sixteen states have chosen to adopt California's strict emissions laws.

What makes CARB so special? First, its laws are often more stringent than the federal Environmental Protection Agency. For example, tailpipe emissions regulations for cars are stricter than federal laws.

Secondly, states can choose to adopt California's laws instead of adhering to federal regulations. So far, 16 states including New York, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Florida have chosen to adopt California's harsh emissions laws.

Another reason California leads the way in terms of pollution standards is the high volume car market that exists in the state. Often automakers submit to the rigorous testing just for the chance to sell cars in California's auto market.

California--notorious for poor air quality--enforces stricter emissions requirements hoping to reduce air pollution. Since 1967, CARB has been striving to reduce emissions and improve air quality for its citizens--making it a strenuous process for automobile company's to attain certification.

For over a decade AMS Vans, Inc. has been selling wheelchair vans in the Golden State. Recently, the handicap conversion van company was asked to submit its vehicles for testing. Not surprisingly, the handicap van leader came out on top.

President and CEO of AMS Vans, Inc., Kip Crum says "Our conversion vans have always met California state emissions requirements--that hasn't changed, but it's nice to have the documentation to back up what we've always known."

The new emissions certification comes on the heels of the handicap conversion van company's decision to explore natural gas options for all of its vehicles. Using natural gas will help lower emission pollutants as the country looks for ways to reduce gasoline dependence.

"I'm glad we can be one of the first handicap conversion van companies to offer green alternatives," Crum explains, "our top priority is serving our customers and providing new options as the wheelchair van industry grows."

AMS Vans, Inc. is an Atlanta based company with the ability to serve and deliver handicap conversion vans nationwide.

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California Calls, Wheelchair Van Company Delivers
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