Destinations Mobility exists to help connect the disabled community with the most affordable and reliable transportation possible. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering used adapted vans for sale at the most attractive prices in the mobility industry.

So, if it's time to upgrade your current accessible van or vehicle for something newer or you just need to sell your used handicap van in CA, we can help. Since we sell wheelchair vans in California and AMS Vans, Inc. sells nationwide, distance is not an issue when you need a quick, fast and friendly price quote.

At Destinations Mobility our desire is to provide you with an accurate used handicapped van or vehicle value. In order to do this we'll need you to complete the form below. Please provide us with the most honest and accurate information possible. All offers are based on the information you provide. If the wheelchair adapted van or vehicle isn't represented accurately we have the right to withdraw the offer once the accessible vehicle is inspected by our pick-up driver.

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